Why Choose Community Acupuncture?

Patients are welcomed into a calm and healing space where they relax in comfortable zero gravity recliners. This is an ideal arrangement for acupuncture treatments provided in a group setting. It also makes it convenient for couples and friends to visit and enjoy treatments together.

For many patients, the benefits of acupuncture therapy are most effective with regular care; therefore treatments need to be affordable and consistent.

Community Acupuncture focuses on allowing patients to visit often and get the care they really need. To do this the cost is kept to $15-$35 per visit.

Citrus Community Acupuncture never wants patients to delay, interrupt or stop a treatment plan due to cost of care. That is not acceptable here.

This treatment philosophy allows patients to receive the care they need as often as needed.

The group acupuncture setting allows patients to relax and recline with acupuncture needles in place, for as long as they wish. Healing cannot happen when treatments are hurried.

Citrus Community Acupuncture is proud to serve patients in a peaceful and restorative space.

All treatments provided by Board Certified – Florida Licensed Acupuncturists.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of care at the lowest costs.

Let the healing begin