What to Expect

Your First Treatment

  • Please allow at least 90 minutes for your first visit.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your arms up to your elbows, and legs up to your knees. 
  • Because many people are highly sensitive to chemicals and community acupuncture is a group activity, we ask ALL patients treated in the Clinic to avoid wearing perfumes or essential oils and to avoid smoking anything immediately prior to your treatment.  The practitioner on duty is ultimately responsible for safe-guarding the treatment area for all patients, and if necessary, your treatment may be rescheduled for non-compliance with these requests.
  • We recommend that ALL patients have something to eat prior to treatment.  A snack or meal will do.  
  • PLEASE, turn off your cell phone/mobile device or better yet, leave it outside the Clinic.  There is nothing worse than beeping, vibrating, ringing in a room full of resting patients.   You will be resting and unable to see or use your device during treatment.  Ear buds and  MP3 and other music storage devices are welcome, so long the volume is adjusted to allow only the listener to hear his/her music choice.

During your Treatment

  • Please consider staying for at least 30 minutes with the acupuncture needles in place; you may stay longer if necessary.  Let us know if there is a specific time you need to leave; we will try to keep you on schedule.
  • For your safety, after your needles have been inserted, it is important to remain still.  Some needles may be near vessels or nerves and sudden movements may lead to injury.  DO NOT get-up or move about with your needles in-place.  If you need to visit the bathroom or itch your nose, please just signal the practitioner on duty.  Your needs will be addressed promptly.  Otherwise, an Acupuncturist will check the treatment room every 5-7 minutes.  

Community Awareness

  • Community Awareness – please be mindful that Clinic provides treatments in a group setting, so speak and move-about quietly and respect the privacy of others, who, like you are here expressly for health and healing reasons.   
  • Lightweight blanket covers are available and soft music will be playing, but you should feel free to bring your own blanket and earbuds.

How much treatment is enough?  

Acupuncture is a THERAPY.  It is extremely unusual for a patient to achieve 100% success in resolving their complaint with only one treatment.  It happens – but the best results happen when Acupuncture is used regularly. Not forever – but plan on at least 10 – 12 treatments for symptom relief.  Additional care is always a good idea because your Acupuncture treatments will continue to invigorate the body’s healing power.  Make and take time for yourself; Let the Healing Begin.

So, “How many treatments will it take for my condition?” 

Sometimes it’s easier for you to calculate this answer.  You know your history and the intensity and frequency of your symptoms.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being mild and 10 severe), use the following as a guide.  

10/10 (at the end of your rope): come daily until you see a change

5/10 or higher: come 3x week, not less than 2x week

Chronic condition, but not severe: 1x week for 8 weeks, then re-evaluate

Regulating Healthy Menses: 1x per week until you have a regular cycle. Then every other week for 2 regular cycles. Then planned visits in the week before the symptoms present.

Most other health concerns: visit 1x week until you have significant improvement, then 1x every other week until resolved or satisfied