What Is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture clinics provide acupuncture treatments in a group setting serving 3 to 10 patients at a time. This allows patients to pay for care on a sliding scale ($15-$35) based on what they can afford. You pay what you can afford no income verification. First-time patients will be charged a One-Time $10 New Patient Fee for a private consultation with the Acupuncturist to review their health history and discuss the reason for their visit.

Community Acupuncture is part of a nationwide movement to provide safe and effective acupuncture treatments in a more affordable low-cost manner. The goal of Community Acupuncture is more than just reducing cost of care; it is equally important that every patient is able to visit frequently and receive the proper amount of care required to help them resolve her/his health concern and remain as healthy as possible.

For too many people seeking acupuncture and alternative medical care from professionally trained, licensed and insured providers the cost of care is too high: especially if you are on a tight budget. Too often for patients who plan and save for an initial office visit, they are unable to keep-up with the future cost of treatment and their money is exhausted long before their health issue is resolved.

Citrus Community Acupuncture has set-out to change all of that. Here you will get the attention and care needed to address your health concerns without breaking the bank. You will be treated with respect and understanding, and cared for by Board Certified & Licensed Doctors of Oriental Medicine. If we are unable to provide effective care that resolves your health concern, then a referral to an appropriate provider will be made for you.

Citrus Community Acupuncture is committed to respecting individual dignity and getting  the best results possible for our patients.

Let the healing begin