Schedule Your Appointment Today

For your convenience we offer several scheduling options to help you plan and reserve your appointments.  Please take a minute to review all three scheduling options and then select the one that works best for you.   

Also, please familiarize yourself with our Walk-in and Cancellation policies found below.  

Option 1: Stop by – Drop in.

During Clinic hours, you are invited to stop by for treatment and/or plan your next visit.

Option 2: Call us to Schedule.

You can always call (352) 464-1645 to schedule an appointment.

Citrus Community Acupuncture Scheduling Policies:

Yes, we take Walk-ins, but…

We love being available for patients when treatment is most convenient for them. This way when you have a little extra time in your schedule you can pop-in for an acupuncture treatment. We really try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible; but, if your schedule is tight, then please call before you visit just to make sure a chair is available for you. Otherwise, you may be disappointed if we cannot get you sat-down right away. If your schedule is very flexible, then drop-ins can be a great option; we will treat you as soon as possible. Consider, calling either way just to avoid a situation where the Clinic is fully scheduled for the remainder of the day and walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

Our Cancellation Policy

Yes, we run a tight ship – if we didn’t, then the Clinic doors would be closed for good in no-time. Cancellations and rescheduling are part of life. We get that; but to help this Clinic meet its scheduling obligations to patients and continue serving the Community, we ask everyone for a 24-hour notice for schedule changes. When patients’ appointments are cancelled with short notice, two equally damaging things happen: (1) other patients are denied an opportunity for care, and (2) the loss of much needed income puts a big strain on our ability to remain Citrus County’s only low cost resource for acupuncture. There’s always someone waiting for an appointment time slot to become available. So, in the event that you do not provide the required 24-hour notice for schedule changes, you will be charged a fee of $15. Thank you in advance for being responsible and communicating effectively with us; and thank you for supporting policies that help assure the Clinic continues to meet its community and treatment goals.