How Does It Work?

Acupuncturists have hundreds of points (places) to choose from when treating you. These points are located all over the body, but many of the most effective and powerful points are found on the arms, legs and head. So, treatment of all health complaints, including back pain, headache and digestive complaints can be addressed by using point locations found on the extremities and head. These points can also be easily accessed, especially in a group setting. Patients can simply remove hats, scarfs, etc., and roll up their pants and sleeves and lay on a recliner; there is no need to undress.

In a quiet and healing environment, other people will also be receiving their treatment at the same time. The group dynamic in Community Acupuncture emphasizes the positive attributes of shared intention; the benefits of community care and healing are well-respected and time-honored.

Citrus Community Acupuncture recognizes that you, your family, friends, neighbors and the larger community have a powerful and profound healing effect on one another; and that the more balanced and healthy each one of us becomes, the more balanced and healthy our community is. We are all connected.

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